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Episode 4: Ted and the quantum healer

April 21, 2010

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Ted hadn’t planned for the answerphone. He’d been so worried about rejection that he hadn’t considered the possibility that he might not even get the chance to be rejected.

“So, er, maybe you know give me a call or something sometime if you want… see you… bye”. Ted hung up and sat cringing for a moment. What was about asking a girl out that turned him into a gibbering fool? Standing up to head into the kitchen, he tossed the phone back onto the sofa, only for it to light up and vibrate just as it hit the cushion. (more…)

A good week? Homeopathy, plus Simon Singh vs BCA

February 24, 2010

It’s been a good week so far for science.

First, we had the crushing verdict of the Science and Technology Select Committee on homeopathy. In fairly unambiguous terms, their report confirms the vacuum of evidence to support any claims that homeopathy is effective, and recommends that NHS funding should be ceased.

Second, yesterday saw the much anticipated court showdown in the Simon Singh/ British Chiropractic Association libel case, covered by Jack of Kent and Crispian Jago. Although there is yet to be a ruling on the case, my impression from the coverage is that it couldn’t have gone much better for Singh.

Both are heartening. My only reservation is that either was necessary. Why, in 2010, is homeopathy taken seriously enough even to ask the question as to whether it should be funded on the NHS? Its underlying principles are so plainly, obviously and painfully silly that it’s hard to find the words to describe. (more…)

What the Bleep?

February 12, 2010


This isn’t exactly topical as it’s a few years old now, but I only just heard about this at the weekend. What The Bleep Do We Know? is a documentary film “serving up a mind-jarring blend of quantum physics, spirituality, neurology and evolutionary thought.”

It’s an interesting concept, with a dramatic narrative featuring a deaf, mildly-emotionally-traumatised photographer who, through a series of strange encounters, has her mind opened to… well I’m not sure what exactly.

The drama is interspersed with clips of authoritative-looking figures explaining aspects of some genuine scientific ideas and some genuine bullsh#t lumpily mashed together with a spiritual interpretation.



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