No Small Matter: first ever 10minus9 book review


Just got hold of a copy of No Small Matter: Science on the Nanoscale by Frankel and Whitesides. Here’s my tuppence worth…

Seriously, this book is a work of art, and worth buying just to look at the pictures. It’s a nice concept, coupling some incredible conceptual photography with superbly written explanatory┬átext, covering a wide range of subjects in bite-size chunks. It’s a coffee-table nano book. Great stuff.

Not putting a link to Amazon- go and to get your bookshop to get hold of it!

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2 Comments on “No Small Matter: first ever 10minus9 book review”

  1. martywalpole Says:

    “Tuppence worth”? My grandmother used that expression when New Zealand still used pounds, shillings and pence, back in the early 1960’s. Wow, you metaphorically took me down memory lane with that little gem. James, I believe you, when you say the book is worth shelling out money to buy. Really, I’m finding this blog interesting even though I’m a non-scientist. Keep at it. As for myself, I’m plodding, but following your advice.

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