Haiti Earthquake

A brief diversion from my usual subject but one that’s worth making…

This particularly hateful individual thinks the Haiti Earthquake is a legacy of a pact they made with the devil.

The situation there is horrendous, with an estimated 50,000 people killed so far as a result of the magnitude 7.0 quake. Following damage to the docks and airport, it ‘s proving extremely difficult to get aid in, and many aid workers already based on the island were themselves killed in the disaster.

The BBC gives a list of aid agencies accepting donations here.

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5 Comments on “Haiti Earthquake”

  1. Jabez Says:

    Wake up call for all christians. California is next!!!

  2. Ian Says:

    Your blog it great. You should join Blogit”.com and get paid to write to your blogs. Actually, you write, others read and you read and everyone gets paid. Yep, the person above, in the video, is a complete asshole.

  3. Chris Xbeam Says:

    It is horrible. That’s why I have already donated some money to it. Anyone saying something like this have to learn to find evidence. Clearly, there won’t be evidence about a pact with devil, then please keep his mouth shut! it is smelly .

  4. Ahmet Yükseltürk Says:

    Unfortunately there are at least 150.000 dead people now.

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